Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly

The Fifth Witness (2011) by Michael Connelly. This is another entry in the Bosch-Haller line and is subtitled A Lincoln Lawyer Novel. It is reliably enjoyable and a good summer read. This is a Mickey Haller story, and Harry Bosch makes the briefest of cameos. The usual supporting characters appear as well, and Mickey's preferred mode of transportation continues to be in his trusty Lincoln, although (minor spoiler alert!) the crew actually takes up office space for this outing. The foreclosure crisis forms the backdrop for the case, giving the story a very contemporary feel. A client who is facing foreclosure is also charged with murder, ratcheting up the courtroom stakes substantially. The guilt/innocence of the client is finally revealed near the end of the story just as Mickey is charting a new course for his legal career trajectory.

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Review submitted by: Cheryl Highsmith, Coordinator of Electronic Resources & Serials, Leatherby Libraries
Rating: Recommended

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