Monday, June 22, 2009

My Lai: A Brief History with Documents by James S. Olson and Randy Roberts

Written from a historian's point of view, this brief and tragic history, along with primary documents and evidence from trials, memoirs, journals, diaries, and Criminal Investigation Records, provides insight into the moral lapse that occurred which led to several hundred men, women and children being brutally murdered by the enlisted men and officers of a US Army unit in a small hamlet in Viet Nam known as My Lai in March of 1968. This book details the reasoning behind the incident, the cover up that followed, and how the lives of the individuals involved were forever changed. One of the great tragedies of a war full of tragic circumstances and outcomes.

Leatherby Libraries Call Number: DS557.8.M9 O45 1998
2nd Floor Humanities Library
Review submitted by: Kevin Ross, Associate Dean, Leatherby Libraries
Rating: Recommended

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