Monday, August 19, 2013

Who am I? Personality Types for Self Discovery by Robert Frager

If you attribute your character traits to a particular stellar constellation, or you feel you fit an INFJ profile (or a different combination of the Myer’s Brigg Type Indicator sets), this book might appeal to you. It is an interesting collection of articles describing various personality typing systems that includes astrology, Freud, Jung, business and leadership typologies, body typologies, and more. What I particularly liked was that the editor, and nearly every author included, stressed the fact that ““type” is meant to be an elastic, fluid and imprecise category, as in discussing a “typical” literary style, or a “typical” historical period.” To rigidly reduce the human psyche to a one-size-fits-all classification, is an abuse of any system and an over-simplification of the soul. 

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Review submitted by Tracie Hall,
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Rating: Recommended

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