Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sailing: A Course of My Life by Edward Heath

A thoroughly engaging book: Sir Edward Heath regales us with a moving account of winning the Sydney-Hobart race before escorting us through the evolution of his sailing avocation. Anxious for relief from the stresses of political life, his “Skipper” persona was conceived at the age of 49 when he began sailing lessons (1966), and soon after purchased a sixteen foot Foreland. Counterbalanced by an interlacing of scientific boat design strategies; Sir Edward Heath’s recounting of crew camaraderie, competitions, and conditions on river tides and sea—from becalmed to raging, are spellbinding. With a final chapter that at times waxes poetic, Sir Heath best embodies the general mood of this book with the exclamation that we sail, “because it intensifies life!”

Leatherby Libraries Call Number: DA591.H4 A36 1976
2nd Floor Humanities Library
Review submitted by: Tracie Hall, Librarian, Law Library
Rating: Recommended

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