Monday, June 10, 2013

Eating Bitterness by Michelle Dammon Loyalka

In this remarkable look at the rapidly changing sociology of China are the stories of hard working individuals who have moved away from the poverty of their countryside homes, and frequently their families, to work in urban areas, often providing cheap labor and living in less than desirable conditions. And yet their work ethic is strong, and they persist over apparently impossible obstacles and all kinds of adversities while displaying an unconquerable part of the human spirit; this is called "chiku" (there is no equivalent term in English, but it translates as "eating bitterness"). Loyalka conducted research and interviewed individuals in a "city village" surrounded by the High Tech Zone of the city of Xi'an, where we get a fascinating look into the lives of many different people all demonstrating chiku in their own way (the book includes the stories of vegetable vendors, a knife sharpener, teenage girls working in a beauty salon, a recycler who floats from job to job, landlords, a nanny, entrepreneurs, and a "big boss" of several businesses).

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